Destination Sydney


  • Malaysia Airlines and Tourism Australia wanted to showcase luxury Sydney and surroundings
  • We created a dedicated ‘Destination Sydney’ series starring the best experiences
  • Our team spent 1 week filming all over Sydney and surrounds
  • The series received over 5 million views


Destination Sydney
Content Type:
Branded Conentent (Online) & Photography
Facebook, YouTube
1x Hero Piece with 4 Cut-Downs

Services provided

Creative, Scripting, Casting, Directing, Film Production, Post-Production, Sound Mix, Publishing

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Malaysia Airlines’ Enrich frequent flyer program is all about enjoying the best luxurious and authentic experiences around the world. Tourism Australia has a strong focus on attracting luxury travellers from the Asia region. The two partnered up to show a group of travellers an incredible experience of Sydney and surroundings and required content to be created around it.

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Once again one of the major challenges we faced was having to create content around a set of activities scheduled by the itinerary teams of the tourism organisation. The challenge is that these schedules are not optimised for filming which would generally not provide enough time to film the required content. In addition to this, both clients had slightly different goals when it came to the content they wanted. The airline wanted to showcase how they give their members amazing experiences while the tourism organisation wanted to promote the experiences and destination.

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We created ‘Destination Sydney’ a dedicated series to show the best of Sydney and surrounds, focusing on amazing luxury and authenticity. We worked together with the teams to amend the schedules to make them film-friendly and our Sydney team made suggestions to improve the itineraries with experiences Sydneysiders love.

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We used travellers as a vehicle to showcase the destination. Instead of making the story primarily about them we made the story about the destination and experienced it through their eyes. We did this because people wouldn’t be interested to see a few frequent flyers have the time of their lives for several minutes, but from our experience, people always love learning about a new destination. Since none of the travellers would be suitable to play a starring role on camera we cast local Sydney talent to take us on a journey. We filmed the 4 episodes over 5 days all over Sydney and New South Wales. From the top of the harbour bridge to the sand dunes in Port Stephens and the wineries in the Hunter Valley. Alongside the shoot, we also provided photography for the in-flight magazine and online.


The videos received over 5 million views and counting and were a hit on Malaysia Airlines’ YouTube channel.

The videos were also available in-flight and we created special teasers that played as in-flight commercials.

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The series received 5 Million+ Views and counting

Creative Director:
Vikash Autar
Content Strategy Director:
Dean Vowles
Director & Writer:
Vikash Autar
Jude Ella & Joseph Timbs
James Callaghan
Matt Fezz
Junior Producer:
Brianna Ng
Hosted by:
Kristy Best

Tourism Australia & Malaysia Airlines
ANYDOKO Creative Studios