Fiji Airways

Land in Fiji Challenge

We built a floating island with a golf hole in Fiji and challenged people to score a hole in one.


Fiji Airways is a major sponsor of the Fiji International Golf Tournament. The airline wanted to create a piece of film for television and social media to promote their involvement and to sell tournament packages.


To promote the partnership, the advertising agency wanted to create a floating island with a golf hole on it. The idea was to float the island somewhere in Fiji and have golfers try to hit a hole in one. We worked with the agency to evolve the idea into something more. We created a concept where four local celebs would face off and try to get a hole-in-one in a comedic piece starring the Fiji 7s captain. The only problem was that due to the start of the tournament we only had 2 weeks to pull the entire production together. Our Sydney team travelled to Fiji and worked with local crews to do the close to impossible. We picked the Natadola Golf Course as the ideal site for the production and got a crew together to start building. On the day we utilised 2 camera crews and an aerial crew to create an epic piece of sport and comedy. The full film was promoted on the airline’s social channels and we created several television commercials to entice people to watch the film online.


The film got a great response online and went on to become the airline’s best performing piece of organic content. It is also still being played on the aircraft’s in-flight entertainment system.


Land in Fiji Challenge
Content Type:
Online Film and Television Commercials
Broadcast & Social Media
1 x Online Film and 2 x Television Commercials


Vikash Autar
Kieran Fowler ACS
James Callaghan
Matt Fezz
Junior Producer:
Brianna Ng
Fiji Airways
Iris Worldwide


Directing, Film Production (Overseas), Aerial Film, Post-Production, Sound Mix