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Masters of Japan

We showcase the beauty of traditional Japan through authentic stories.


  • Akita is one of the most untouched regions of Japan
  • The region receives one of the lowest amounts of visitors of all prefectures
  • We created a dedicated ‘Masters of Japan’ series to showcase the region and its people
  • Our team spent 2 weeks in Akita Prefecture as we filmed on top of mountains and inside samurai villages
  • The content performed extremely well and is being used on promotional tours throughout Asia


Masters of Japan
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Custom Online Series
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Social Strategy, Creative, Scripting, Directing, Film Production, Post-Production, Sound Mix, Publishing

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Akita Prefecture in Japan is one of the country’s most untouched and beautiful regions. When you explore the region you are met with quaint old towns, mountainous ranges, ever stretching rice fields and train carriages straight from a Ghibli film. With the Shinkansen now reaching the prefecture it should be one of the ideal destinations for travellers looking for an authentic Japenese experience. But it isn’t…

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The region gets hardly any domestic and international tourists. Young people are moving away and entire towns disappear from the map. We had to show that the magic of the Akita Prefecture is worth making an effort for and that even though the majority of the region is less connected than the south of Japan, it’s worth going out of your way for.

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We worked with the client to identify some of the key authentic experiences and people throughout the region. We created a dedicated ‘Masters of Japan’ series and travelled to meet these characters, hear their stories and enjoy their experiences and lives with them. We created short profile videos which feature anything from forest exploration with the Matagi bear hunters, to climbing the highest mountain in the prefecture with an elderly Ryokan owner to soaking in a secret onsen ran by the same family for hundreds of years. In the videos, we focus on the people and their authentic wisdom and experience which can’t be found anywhere else in Japan. All produced with beautiful cinematography and aerials to showcase the region.


The campaign was pushed out by the Government, tour operators and other social platforms. It has been used on promotional tours throughout the Asia region and has received over 500,000 organic views.

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Creative Director:
Vikash Autar
Content Strategy Director:
Dean Vowles
Director & Writer:
Vikash Autar
James Gilligan
James Gilligan & Michael Thompson
James Gilligan
Junior Producer:
Chelsea Li & Brianna Ng

Edge of Japan & Akita Government
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