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Why We Fly

When you fly Fiji Airways you do more than just fly.


Fiji Airways had gone through a major rebrand taking the airline into the modern age. A large part of the funding for this project was provided by the Fijian Government who used Fijian pension funds to fund the rebrand. The reason behind this is that one of Fiji’s biggest moneymakers is tourism so the country wants to invest as much as possible into the tourism economy. The agency provided us with a six-line script and asked us to make a range of films and commercials that would showcase the strong connection between the people of Fiji and Fiji Airways.


We took the creative concept and developed it further to include the people of Fiji. From a fisherman to a nurse, a class of primary school kids, a bus driver and even a professional diver. Our team executed a week-long film shoot all over Fiji with a medium-sized crew including an aerial team. We filmed in hospitals, remote villages and even underwater. From the footage, we created a range of cinematic television commercials that were aired all over the Asia-Pacific region. We also created the airline’s first-ever brand film and created an extended 2-minute version that plays as the aeroplane lands in Fiji, thanking passengers for flying Fiji Airways.


An incredibly positive reaction all over Fiji Airways’ social pages. A strong increase in bookings on the airline from all over the Asia region. The campaign running multiple years on television and the landing film that still plays today when every Fiji Airways aircraft lands.


Why We Fly
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Television Commercial, Brand Film, Online Commercial
Broadcast and Social Media
6 x Television Commercials and 1 x Brand Film


Vikash Autar
Kieran Fowler
James Callaghan
Matt Fezz

Fiji Airways
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